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Books by B. K. Eakman


Agenda Games:  How Today's High-Stakes Political  Combat Works  Among Beverly Eakman's most recent works--the one which several readers have remarked should be required reading in college political science majors--exposes the political games being run on the American people and is a must-read. 

A Common-Sense Platform for the 21st Century  represents a starting point for true patriots committed to the ideals and principles of the Framers of the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights, as well as the Declaration of Independence.

Walking Targets exposes how our educational system is driving a wedge between parents and children. Education's Whistleblower and best-selling author, B. K. Eakman, exposes the details: how, under the guise of educational and mental-health testing, computer technologies, thought to be restricted to use in defense of our country, have been redirected for use in tracking the opinions of our children.