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Mars QuakeMars Quake  When astronomer Dana Wright thinks she has seen writing on Mars, she wants to take a look through a larger telescope. Senate aide Tom Matthews is willing to investigate it with her, but knows it is not writing but buildings, structures made by intelligent beings. How does he know? He's been there.

Beverly Eakman's latest book, Agenda Games: How Today's High-Stakes Political Combat WorksAgenda Games: How Today's High-Stakes Political Combat Works  Beverly Eakman's latest book exposes the political games being run on the American people and is a must-read.


deadly-researchDeadly Research  When author Jack Richmond researches his next novel, he uncovers the biggest conspiracy in history, happening right under our noses and in plain sight.  Now Jack and his girlfriend are running for their lives. 

Beverly Eakman Common Sense PlatformA Common-Sense Platform for the 21st Century  represents a starting point for true patriots committed to the ideals and principles of the Framers of the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights, as well as the Declaration of Independence.


research-triangleResearch Triangle  This is the second in the Jack Richmond series, which began with "Deadly Research."  Jack uncovers a secret room in the Research Triangle Park where students are monitored long distance to determine at what drug level they will go berserk and kill their fellow students.

walking-targets Walking Targets exposes how our educational system is driving a wedge between parents and children. Education's Whistleblower and best-selling author, B. K. Eakman, exposes the details: how, under the guise of educational and mental-health testing, computer technologies, thought to be restricted to use in defense of our country, have been redirected for use in tracking the opinions of our children.


terminal-researchTerminal Research  Third in the Jack Richmond Conspiracy Series, this book is based on a true story, that of a young woman held against her will in a Raleigh mental hospital. While investigating her story, Jack returns hometo find that his fiance, Teri, has been abducted. Finding her becomes his first objective, but along the way he has to deal with new assassins, old friends gone bad and members of the organization that is really running things.

Non-Fiction by Jon Batson

terminal-researchSecrets of the Universe (What they didn't tell you in school) If you believe there are great mysteries in the world to explore and uncover, you’ll find the tongue-in-cheek musings of Secrets of the Universe a refreshing change from the heavy, deep thinking that books of this regard can exhibit. Perhaps you are simply curious about the ways of the universe yet to be unveiled. Diane Sawyer, a longtime anchor for ABC News, said “Wake up curious.” Perhaps Ms. Sawyer’s words say exactly what the universe has been quietly whispering for an eternity. Before you endeavor to read Secrets of the Universe, ask yourself, “Do I wake up curious?"